Executive Counselling

Why an Executive Counseling Program?

We assist executives regarding work related issues through a discreet and highly effective counseling process. The Executive Counseling Program has been praised by many individuals as a safe place to vent and talk about their pressing work problems. This is particularly the case for those who are isolated in their organizational hierarchy and feel pressed into a role that belies their true feelings. Outwardly they have to be a model for the company, but inwardly, they could be seething at injustices, unethical behaviour and consequences from emotionally immature people that they have to work with. Spouses and friends seldom understand the complex processes of the management task, and probably do not have the expertise to advise the right course of action.

Sharing anxieties or concerns with colleagues or subordinates however, can be fatal for career development within the organization.  It has been our experience (and in other well documented research) that unless properly addressed, the results of this stress can accumulate, which can lead to physical and mental ill-health, depression, poor judgement, premature aging, and unemployment, involuntarily or voluntary – sometimes euphemistically referred to as ‘early retirement’.

Having a safe place to go to is crucial as it can be seen as weak by others in the organisation, to receive counseling. Company human resource departments and Employee Assistance Programs offering counseling are often ruled out, for fear of being seen in the same waiting room as other workers, or leaking confidential information. Email contact or phone calls with a counselor are similarly viewed as difficult to do. Because a hostile environment can turn against those who need help the most. Going online is just as effective as seeing a counselor face-to-face. It has been found in studies of the use of telepsychiatry and interactive audio/visual services show  comparable efficacy to traditional psychotherapy (Yellowlees, 2001).

We also know at Guardian Angel Executives that the further up the hierarchy, the lonelier and more isolating it feels. With conflicts in work, priorities and Board demands, role effectiveness is particularly difficult without support. In addition, time pressure and high stress levels result in judgement and clear thinking being short-changed in these highly charged environments.

Who we are

It is our belief that few in the counseling community actually understand the nuances of workplace problems. Furthermore, their advice may not be helpful for the development of an executive career. We have the confidence to call ourselves experts, as we have helped many hundreds of people in senior management positions and rescued their careers, putting them back on track so that they can reach their goals.

We are not psychotherapists, or social workers. We are professional career management counsellors with considerable amounts of experience in advising executives and professionals in difficult workplace issues. We only deal with employment or career related problems, and we deal with them extremely effectively. We understand your need for urgent advice, and therefore will deliver prompt effective service to you.


We suggest that you make use of our time zone difference, you can be in direct contact with us in the evening (US, Canada and South America) or early morning (Europe, Africa, Middle East, India) – all outside of your office work hours. We can have conversations online (audio, and audio/visual) in a secure environment.

Operate within Australian privacy guidelines

As we operate from Australia, we conform to the Australian guidelines of privacy guidelines, which are among the highest standards in the world and therefore can offer you complete confidentiality. (See Terms and Conditions below)

Service Philosophy

We use standard counseling methods with an emphasis on drawing upon your emotional energy to empower and invigorate you to action that is self-protective, yet true to your values. We know that you will have an increase in self-esteem and respect for others; an increase in self worth and appreciation of others; as well as dispelling fears and anxieties so that your self-confidence is raised to effectively deal with the matter at hand. By the end of the counseling program - which may only be one session - you will have a list of strategies that will be effective and have the ability to deal positively with the source of your difficulty and take the right steps in your career.


The types of work problems that we deal with relate to human behaviour- which are basically most of the problems that you will experience in work life as a senior manager. We take it as a given that you have excellent communication skills and are able to negotiate and deal with conflict, otherwise you would not be in the position that you are in today. However, it is the emotional fall-out that often hits people and we recognize that traditional business training fails to educate managers on how to deal with these problems.

Our counseling can effectively deal with these and other work based problems:

  • Unfair bosses or Boards
  • Not being recognized for your work
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Others take the credit for your work
  • Bullying bosses or Board members
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Injustices that have occurred
  • Board room politics
  • Intense rivalry and competition from colleagues
  • Overload of work
  • 'Change Management' going awry
  • Sabotaging behaviour
  • New systems of work
  • Being asked to do illegal activities, eg ‘fudge the books’ or ‘tax dodges’
  • Remuneration inequities
  • Lack of empathy in upper line managers
  • Being unfairly judged as a poor performer
  • Work socialising getting out of proportion
  • Corporate psychopath(s) in your organization
  • Deciding on whether or not to blow the whistle
  • Denied promotion
  • Love in the workplace
  • Harsh decisions to be implemented eg sacking numbers of people
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Being ‘performance managed’ out of your position
  • Unethical work practices
  • Backlash from whistle blowing
  • Mergers and acquisitions enforced changes


Our strength is concentrating on the issues of your employment, and keeping your career intact.

Note: if you have suicidal thoughts and feelings, you need immediate assistance. This is outside of our area of expertise, but this link will help you right now:


Also there are telephone helplines in your area, the front page of your phone book  will have details. If in the UK, ROI or Australia go to the Samaritans helpline.

What we can do for you

What we are able to do is, and have done it for hundreds of men and women before you:

  • Establish a therapeutic, safe and confidential setting.
  • Instil an immediate peace of mind.
  • An objective review of the issue.
  • Outline a plan of action that will have positive strategies.

In addition to assisting you with your immediate problem, you will also be assessed on your existing depression and anxiety stress levels and given feedback. This provides a more independent indicator of how you are feeling. The higher the levels, the less effective you will be at work, and all the more reason, the issue has to to be addressed.


Per live online (visual and/ or voice) session            $AU 200  Pay now

(Maximum 1.5 hours)

What we suggest is that you request and book a session by email. You can use Hotmail or equivalent mail centre for anonymity.


We will then respond and reserve the next mutually convenient time to help you. Payment is made upon booking a session.

Your employer may already be a partner with us and provide our Executive Assistance Program. You can easily inquire by sending us an email (which will be received in confidence) and we will tell you with simply a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without informing your organization. Your email will not be used for spam or marketing purposes and will be held in the strictest of confidence. If your company or non-for-profit is an Executive Assistance Program partner, then our counseling session(s) will be at no cost to you, as they are already covered.

100% Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are genuinely not satisfied with our service.


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This service is dedicated to the memory of Janet Drewett, a person who counseled with all of her heart.

Janet Drewett
1950 - 2007

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