Stress Management Team Workshop

In the corporate environment with stress levels always on the increase, it is vital that the costs and risk factors involved are fully understood. Working 60 hours or more per week has been proven as doubling the risk of a heart attack, yet many workplaces have a managerial culture based on the ‘last manager who leaves the office, wins’. We have direct evidence that links stress with difficult, highly competitive behaviour, back-stabbing, bullying and ineffectual performance. This is one of the reasons that we have installed an executive online counselling in an effort to reduce such negativity. If you are concerned with your senior management team, then working on stress management, in a non-blaming environment is a highly effective solution. It will result in making the team more cohesive, re-align personal objectives with those of the organization and create a more efficient work team with increased output and shorter hours of work for an enhanced life/work balance.

Drawing on the fundamentals of emotional energy and emotional IQ, we have developed a series of 3 workshops that will empower senior managers to manage stress efficiently as well as identify and address the causes of stress in their working lives. We are happy to work with your own change management or organisational change consultant(s) onsite. We see our role as giving the framework, developing the team, the measures by which the team can take stock of their development, and then leaving. Yearly emotional energy assessments are advocated for the senior executives, and these can be done privately, via individual audio/visual hookups via the internet. If required, we can revisit for further workshops upon request.

Stress Management Workshops

These 3 hourly workshops focus on the following:


  • Personality type and strengths

  • Understanding the physiology of stress

  • The effect of stress on emotional energy, behaviour and attitudes

Workshop 2

  • Stress and the dark side of personality types

  • How to deal with yourself and your team members when you are stressed

  • Problem-solving and stress management techniques

Workshop 3

  • Values re-alignment

  • Working as a cohesive team- more efficient, on shorter hours

Fee for the 3 workshops                $AU 4,5000

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