Executive Career Development

Sometimes we are faced with dilemmas in our career development, should I stay in my job or leave? There can be many pressing arguments, for and against. We have had many clients who have satisfactorily obtained their result and dealing with both sides.
Similarly, we have found candidates who are wanting specific work and not knowing how to achieve it. They may not need the full career counselling program as offered on this website, but might just need a session or two of independent savvy advice on the next step.

This is the time to book a session with an experienced career development professional, someone who knows the ropes and can help make that decision a sound one.

We suggest that you make use of our time zone difference, you can be in direct contact with us in the evening (US, Canada and South America) or early morning (Europe, Africa, Middle East, India) – all outside of your office work hours. We can have conversations online (audio and visual) in a secure environment.

Operate within Australian privacy guidelines
As we operate from Australia, we conform to the Australian privacy guidelines, which are among the highest standards in the world and therefore can offer you complete confidentiality.

What we can do for you
What we are able to do is, and have done it for hundreds of men and women before you:
•    Establish a therapeutic, safe and confidential setting.
•    Instil an immediate peace of mind.
•    An objective review of the issue.
•    Outline a plan of action that will have several positive strategies.

In addition to assisting you with your immediate problem, you will also be assessed on your existing depression and anxiety stress levels and given feedback. This provides a reliable indicator of how you are feeling. The higher the levels, the less effective you will be at work, and all the more reason to be addressed.


Per live online (visual and/ or voice) session                                    $AU 200
(Maximum 1.5 hours)

What we suggest is that you request and book a session by email. You can use Hotmail or equivalent mail centre for anonymity. We will then respond and reserve the next mutually convenient time to help you. Payment is made upon booking a session.

100% Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your career development session, we will refund your money back.

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