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Executive Screening:

"I would never thought it was possible to see through to the 'inner me', it was a bit confronting to say the least, but Terry walked me through the scoring sheet and I realised how powerful this instrument is."

"I thought he was a competent person, but no-one here thought he was who he turned out to be."

Executive Counselling and Career Development

"Before I came to Australia in June 2002 I had worked at senior management levels for a period of 23 years with the World Bank and other UN Agencies. However my lack of the understanding of the local workforce systems became an obstacle in providing me opportunity in the local market. I lost confidence and morale. Guardian Angel helped me to overcome these restraints and I became conversant with the local requisites and as such gained confidence and uplift in my morale. I have now secured a job... In essence the whole process was not only very educational but also very inspiring." RB  

"I was depressed and thought I had to retire after this leg operation, but through your advice I have now taken on a new lease of life, I am now CEO of several large companies in the oil and gas industries and cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. A lot of it is actually down to you and the inspiration and ideas that you provide, so I’ll always remember that." RG

"I came to you with a problem and could not believe that you got to the fundamental issue so quickly. I feel so relieved that it's all over. Thank you." GB

Video Testimonials

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