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Emotive Profiling

Sheridan, T. A. 2008. Emotive profiling. In Aviation Security Management: Three Volumes, ed. A. R. Thomas, Westport, CT: Praeger.

In this chapter, Sheridan explores the application of Emotive Profiling to the aviation security industry, in particular in the case of suicide bombers. These people are willing to die for their cause, which means that their emotional profile will be at the lower end of negative emotions as demonstrated with the three-dimensioned model of connection, appreciation and trust, which compose the emotional state. Immense stress causes the swing into negativity and most individuals will appear distressed if this happens in a crisis. But over time, the acute phase turns into long-term patterns of self-serving behaviour to address the emptiness that they inevitably feel. However, due to their task at hand, the suicide bombers will disguise themselves as positive emotionally based individuals to others so as not to raise suspicion. For the person who is deliberately disguising their true emotional state, over time the stress causes cracks to appear in their disguise. It is through these innocuous oddities that the disguise can be uncovered and their emotional state can be revealed. When alerted and the incongruity is backed by evidence, then this passenger should be taken for further interrogation. Staff observing and interviewing airline passengers who are trained in this methodology could prove an effective if not life-saving, application of this theory. Furthermore, all airport staff should be screened using Emotive Profiling to avoid infiltration of terrorists air-side at airports.

Women Managers' Unemployment: After Effects

Sheridan, Terry A. 2008. Career Transitions: The Experiences of Unemployed Women Managers [online]. Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 17, No. 2, Winter 2008: 38-46. ISSN: 1038-4162. [cited 17 Jun 10].

A sample of 45 women managers was surveyed in a qualitative study to explore their experiences of being unemployed. The sample was purposeful, and the data were collected on a website-based survey. The experience of unemployment for female managers was far different from what was previously presumed from research largely drawn from male managers. In this sample, 40% of the women managers were bullied, harassed or victimised out of their employment. Jobs that were taken at below the respondent's level of competence had the most negative emotional outcomes for respondents. Explanatory models of affect (positive and negative) were developed and the paper explores implications for career counsellors faced with competent, mature women managers searching for employment.;dn=173951140689586;res=IELHSS

Voicing Women Managers' Unemployment

Women Managers Unemployment

Sheridan, Terry A. 2005. Voicing women managers' unemployment experience in Australia: The hidden toll. Perth, WA: Women Chiefs of Enterprises International.

This is the first study that has found a significant proportion of women managers are being bullied out of their jobs. This finding is important for those who manage policies on bullying in organisations, and for those who wish to help women managers when they have become unemployed. For the women themselves, this study makes sense of the emotional devastation that they felt upon being sacked or fired, or life made so miserable that they left on their own accord.

This national qualitative study was funded by the Australian Government's Office for Women from the Women's Development Programme 2005 and given organisational support from the Women Chiefs of Enterprises International.

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