Malevolent Executive

A malevolent executive is an individual who works in an organisation at a high level but ultimately most actions taken by that executive are serving his or her own needs.

Notable charcteristics

  • Appease upper level managers or Board members to suit their career needs
  • Rarely have anything of real substance to offer, but can do daily management routines
  • Have favourites who are groomed to be either sycophants and/or do their dirty work
  • One day nice and friendly, next day cold and dismissive
  • Back stab to a fine art
  • Pick on and bully individuals, particularly those seen as threats
  • Are liable to fiddle their expenses but are not necessarily fraudsters in the real sense
  • Have high staff turnover in their units or departments
  • Self-aggrandise whenever necessary
  • Bouts of anger
  • Blaming of others, rarely take responsibility for mistakes

If you are working with an executive like this, we suggest that you take action to remove yourself from him or her with either an internal move or exit the organisation AFTER a permanent job offer has been given in writing. Do not resign and then do a job search as this will harm your chances considerably, particularly if you are a female manager (see Unemployed Women Managers research by Terry Sheridan)

If you have an executive like this in your organisation then it is your responsibility to your staff and shareholders to stop the behaviour immediately. Guardian Angel can profile this individual to verify or not verify staff claims. We do this sensitively and discreetly.

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