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Is a private company registered in Australia. Dr Terry Sheridan is the Managing Director and has many years of experience in organisational development as a CEO and consultant. Her career assignments have centered on corporations and companies changing from loss or revenue neutral to becoming highly profitable. Further challenges came in developing a recruitment company for providing locum managers to small business. This led to the question 'How do I know that this manager is not going to damage the company?', a vital business question that few recruiters ever deal with seriously as they would supply another candidate if the original failed expectations. However for Terry, one locum manager failure could have led to the demise of her client's business, therefore this question became crucial. Knowing that ordinary psychological testing and self-report measures were open to manipulation by the candidate, another method had to be found.

Dr Terry A. Sheridan PhD, FAIM

                                                   Member of the UK Fraud Advisory Panel

From there, an interesting learning journey began which has come up with answers to that question in her doctoral research. For more background for Dr Sheridan please go to Linkedin

As her work is highly delicate and confidential, most of her referrals come via word of mouth. Guardian Angel has developed far better workplaces through the selection of highly effective executives who are able to drive the organisation to profitability with a willing team around him or her.

If you would like to contact Dr Sheridan please do so via Contact Us

Terry is a prolific writer and presenter regarding the more academic issues, but has recently developed a public following in her everyday approach to problems in the workplace through the ezine article publishing online channel.

But why the name?

The business name stems from our working definition of a guardian angel which is

“A guardian spirit or guiding influence who is a kind and lovable, protective being.”

This is the essence of a good executive; a guardian of the shareholders' resources, a guiding influence to ensure profitability and is well liked by staff. It is a worthy metaphor, as we witness many of our more difficult clients who were seen as inefficient, ineffective and sometimes with negative behaviours, become guiding influences and create amazing profitability for their companies and expansion, even in recessionary times.

We know what we are looking for and that's what we achieve.

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