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Are you targeted or not getting along with an executive or senior manager? If you are, then read on.

You have come to the right place as Guardian Angel  has vast expertise with dealing with these types of managers and can help you directly on providing immediate answers to your problem of dealing with this individual. We also offer career counselling if you wish to make a move away.

Times are tough right now, if you make the wrong move it could ruin your career - even though it is not your fault. Employers want sparkling resumes not a list of personality clashes as reasons for leaving or being fired. Women employees are particularly vulnerable, as Dr Sheridan (the Managing Director of Guardian Angel Holdings Pty Ltd) discovered in 2005 that women managers are more likely to be bullied out of the workforce.

We offer:

  • Expert counselling regarding what to do with these 'difficult' managers
  • Career counselling
  • Resources including a monthly newsletter

We can also be invited into an organisation and sort out the managerial problems at hand, please see our other division of Guardian Angel Holdings Pty Ltd:

Guardian Angel Executives  which has a specific website to assist employers, HR staff and the executives themselves and outlines our unique knowledge about management based on Dr Sheridan's work.

This is the only place where you can get such expert help. We are changing workplaces for the better thanks to our new methodology and approach - no blame no blood loss!

Got an immediate problem and need quick answer? Go to The Executive Doc and get a knowledgeable reply for free.

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